What is Hydroponic Farming?

  • Uses 90 % less water than traditional farming
  • Utilizes re-purposed refrigerated containers to house vertical hydroponic farming methods.  Our units are manufactured by Freight Farms (insert pictures here)
  • Produces quality farm fresh vegetables 12 months per year, unaffected by droughts and other extreme weather conditions, allowing pricing to remain consistent.
  • One unit produces the equivalent of ____ acres of farmland

Hydroponic farming responds to the changing needs of our world.  Many factors, such as urbanization, population increases, higher demands for land and water, and extreme weather patterns make quality food production more challenging.   In addition, consumers desire food that is fresh, local, and nutrient rich, and not food that is mass-produced, pre-packaged, and shipped from thousands of miles away.

Hydroponic farming allows My Local Farm to offer transparency in all operations, from seed to harvest, and provides customers with the certainty that they are provided with produce which is grown using the best agricultural practices available.